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Staff Meeting

Our mission-based approach strengthens the soul

of Christian organizations and churches.

ROM Consulting Services are offered by a professional team of experts who together have over 100 years of senior level experience and collectively share a growing pool of knowledge. Using our own instruments and terminal degrees, we apply our know-how to ministers and leaders of diverse sized congregations. We listen, pray, analyze, audit and walk faithfully with our clients.  

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Board Chair Advancement

To increase the board's effectiveness through expert leadership.

Meeting Room Business

Board Consulting

To boards that want to perform at the highest levels.

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Conflict Resolution

For restoring individuals and relationships.

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Ethos Enhancement

For restoring individuals and relationships.

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Event Planning

Let us help you coordinate your event.

In a Meeting

Executive Advice

For Christian leaders holding high stakes positions.

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Listening Retreats & Seminars

To make space for other's perspectives & thoughts.


Moral Courage Training

To help Christian institutions and board leaders serve God, not mammon.

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