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Staff Meeting

Our mission-based approach strengthens the soul

of Christian organizations and churches.

ROM Consulting Services are offered by a professional team of experts who together have over 100 years of senior level experience and collectively share a growing pool of knowledge. Using our own instruments and terminal degrees, we apply our know-how to ministers and leaders of diverse sized congregations. We listen, pray, analyze, audit and walk faithfully with our clients.  

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Board Chair Advancement

To increase the board's effectiveness through expert leadership.

Meeting Room Business

Board Consulting

To boards that want to perform at the highest levels.

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Conflict Resolution

For restoring individuals and relationships.

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Editorial Services

Let us help you complete your writing projects.

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Ethos Enhancement

For restoring individuals and relationships.

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Event Planning

Let us help you coordinate your event.

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Executive Advice

For Christian leaders holding high stakes positions.

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Listening Retreats & Seminars

To make space for other's perspectives & thoughts.


Moral Courage Training

To help Christian institutions and board leaders serve God, not mammon.

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Pastoral Support

Pastors need support, let us come alongside you.

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Preparation for Large "Asks"

from major donors.

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Preventative Measures

To help faith-based boards avoid scandal.

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Recruiter Consulting

Let us help you recruit and retain volunteers.

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We offer Christ followers customized help.

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Writing Coach

Writing is hard work. Let us help you!

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30 min  |  Free

You get 30 minutes to explore if Right On Mission is the right company to address your organizational needs.  We listen to you first, then recommend an initial course of action.

30 min  |  Free

Diana J.

Our Consultants


Diana Jones, M.A. 


Diana served on church staff at Menlo Church South City.  She holds an M.A. in Christian Education from Azusa Pacific University and has vast experience as a children's ministry leader and family pastor.  Diana is an encourager.   She brings so much energy into conversations because she regularly refuels herself in prayer.  She and her family live in southern California.


Diana's mission is to stoke a fire that lights the way for people.

Ron R.

Ron Reed


Ron's mission statement is to lead others out of prideful isolation.

More information coming soon.

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Lisa Orimoto
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Lisa Orimoto, Ph.D.

Dr. Lisa Orimoto is a Senior Associate and regularly involved in every aspect of Right On Mission.  But her favorite part of her job is serving as a faculty member.  Dr. Orimoto is an astute facilitator, formally trained scientist whose growing expertise includes human development, communication, strategic planning, and relational dynamics.  “Dr. O” is our top expert in emotional maturity and effective listening.  She also teaches the Knowing Yourself course.  Her publications on these subjects are forthcoming.


Dr. Orimoto's education includes a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of the Pacific, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Studies from the University of Hawaii.  She holds an associates coaching credential (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation.  


Lisa Orimoto’s mission statement is:  

To persuade people to dare to develop their creative potential.

Jack Painter

Jack Painter, Ph.D.

Dr. Jackson Painter has been teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels for over two decades. Being fluent in biblical Greek and Hebrew, he has many keen insights into God’s Word.  There is nothing Dr. Painter would rather do than walk people line by line through Holy Scripture.  Given Jack’s dedication as a father, he only recently began to take the bulk of his leisure to develop his original research primarily on the Book of Jude.  Though Dr. Painter has presented numerous scholarly papers on a variety of New Testament topics, his publishing contributions that could influence future scholarship are imminently forthcoming.

Dr. Painter earned his Ph.D. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  He was the Professor of New Testament and Greek at Simpson University and Adjunct Professor of New Testament at A. W. Tozer Theological Seminary.  His first published volume, The Gospel of John: A Thematic Approach (Wipf & Stock, 2010) develops the motifs of witness, testimony, and identity.


Jack Painter’s mission statement is:

To celebrate God’s handiwork in the light of God’s Word.

Jim Sumner

Jim Sumner, M.A.


Jim's Why Statement:  I believe the gift of entering into the glory of God's amazing grace frees the human spirit to dance with the Spirit of God.


Jim wears multiple hats at Right On Mission. He is the Business Manager, the Operations Assistant, a member of the Speaking Team and the Consulting Team.  His expertise includes preaching, administration, children's ministry, facilities management, and analytical thinking.


Jim has a B.S. from Illinois State University, an M.A. from Azusa Pacific University, and an M.A. from A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary.

Jim's primary background as a non-Christian was in professional entertainment.  After he came to Christ, he worked on church staff, then later became an adjunct faculty member at Simpson University and a Bible Study Fellowship leader.

Jim and Sarah live in Redding, CA.

Jim Sumner

Sarah Sumner, Ph.D., MBA


Dr. Sarah Sumner has been an organizational consultant since 2005.  She has provided services for The Pentagon, Fresenius Medical Care, the LA and Glendale Police Departments, and numerous local churches and nonprofits.  Dr. Sumner is the originator of The People Model, a practical wisdom tool that helps people deal successfully with complex relational issues that play out in the workplace and home. The People Model Test can be found in her book, Leadership Above the Line (Tyndale, 2006). 


Dr. Sumner loves to train new board members and board chairs.  She has expertise in the politics of visionary leadership, onboarding women onto traditional male teams, and infusing moral courage into the soul of the organization.  She also majors in governance ethics, policy writing, religious freedom, and using her Harvard training as a global change agent. Her special touch is to teach decision-makers how to handle delicate matters with a practical, theological approach. 


Sarah Sumner’s mission statement is to build integrity in the Church.

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