Our theological approach assists you in the following areas:

1) Board Chair Training One-on-one training for Board Chairs can bring about major, organizational change.  Read more >

2) Christian Board Training How many Christian Boards accidentally experience mission drift?  Read more >


3) Church Elder Board Training Right On Mission offers three different types of elder training:  Doctrinal Training, Practical Training, and Issue-related Training.  Read more >

4) Donor Relations – When you hear the heartbeat of your donors, you can help them give as a spiritual act of worship, and not a mere financial transaction.  We position your organization to become a strategic means by which your donors can live out their mission statement.    

5) Specialty Conflict Resolution We are experientially equipped to facilitate truth-oriented processes for Christians in dispute as opposed to political venues that disregard verifiable facts.  Read more >

6) Effective Listening Learning how to listen is key to godly governance.  Read more >

Our consulting expertise lies in:

  • Church Elder Training

  • Nonprofit Board Development

  • Launching a New Ministry

  • Organizational Turnarounds

  • Organizational Culture

  • Organizational Transitions

  • Hiring and Firing Practices

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Closing Your Church or School

  • Policy writing

We can also help you take

strategic advantage of the discipleship opportunities that constantly arise in Christian organizations and churches. 

If your aim is to be right on mission with the Great Commission, then your governance needs to be on mission too.  Contact us for more information.



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