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Listening Retreats & Seminars

To listen is to learn.  To listen is to make space for other others' perspectives and thoughts.  To listen is to be open to experience conviction from the Holy Spirit of God. Listening marks the first step of making a positive change.  Jesus famously stated, "Whoever has ears to hear, let that person hear."  Hearing is an inner act that happens in the heart.  All hearing begins with listening, paying attention, taking heed.  


At Right On Mission, we customize Listening Retreats and Seminars for leaders, decision makers, and for believers who seek to quiet themselves in order to hear God's voice.  The structure, length, and content of the Listening events we provide depend upon clients’ needs.  Whether you seek to be guided for one hour, two hours, a half-day, or a full day, we can help you to practice listening or train your team to listen more effectively.  We serve individual clients, churches, teams, and Christian organizations.  Lisa Orimoto, Ph.D. (Psychology) is Right On Mission’s lead consultant for this service.

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Image by Marissa Grootes


30 min  |  Free

You get 30 minutes to explore if Right On Mission is the right company to address your organizational needs.  We listen to you first, then recommend an initial course of action.

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