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Board Chair Advancement

A skilled board chair can catalyze major change while providing a sense of stability in an organization.  Board Chairs set the tone for the entire organization by establishing the ethos of the board.  Right On Mission offers training to board chairs 1:1.  We also provide orientations to boards who have a new board chair. 

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"Christian Family Heritage (CFH) learned so much from Right On Mission, and we are so appreciative of the time that Sarah and Tom spent with us.  I am confident that CFH is on the right path.  We give glory to God and we thank Him for you."

-Bethany Mounts, Board Chair

Image by Marissa Grootes


30 min  |  Free

You get 30 minutes to explore if Right On Mission is the right company to address your organizational needs.  We listen to you first, then recommend an initial course of action.

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