You have a vision for your life, but it is tucked away inside of you.


When you become a believer, you become so new that God changes your desires.

With Christ in you, there are good works for you to do.  We help you find those in advance.

Strategic Futuring is a deep discipleship program that elevates your level of existence.  Your guide at Right on Mission will help you heal your relationship with your unfolding future, so that you can transcend yourself, get unstuck, and learn to trust God in a refreshing hopeful way, even in the face of opposition.  

If your interest is piqued by the questions below, you are likely ready to begin:

  • Do you know how to hope in God?

  • How reactive are you?  Are you passively waiting to find out what God’s will is?

  • How generous is the Father in heaven, especially when it comes to you?

  • What if there is more for you to contribute that you would just love to give?

Materials will be sent to you after you register. 


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Premier & Executive Packages also available!

Premiere and Executive Packages offer custom-made, client-paced, individualized guidance for clients and senior leaders who want to experience Strategic Futuring in a face to face, one on one, private venue online.  All you have to do is engage in conversation over a number of weeks.  We do the rest of the work for you on your behalf.  What you walk away with is a booklet that articulates your God-given vision and a strategy for pulling your future to yourself.

Certified Guides

Tom Okarma

Tom was a success in the business world, having crowned his career as CEO at DPIC Companies, Inc. in the Bay area.  After that season of being in the corner office ended, Tom found himself facing closed doors.  He was overqualified, yet under-used.  He started a consulting practice, but it did not take off until Tom’s relationship with his own future was redeemed.  Now Tom works nationally and signs autographs for his two books.  For Tom it all traced back to getting his mission statement then learning how to project it into the future with renewed hope in God.  


Tom’s mission is to empower people with strategies that honor what God loves.

Lisa Orimoto

Lisa Orimoto, Ph.D. is affectionately referred to as “Dr. Lisa” or “Dr. O.”  She was certified to lead Strategic Futuring in 2016 and now oversees Strategic Futuring at Right On Mission.  Dr. Lisa is an exceptional listener who helps other people listen in new ways, and that helps a lot in the Strategic Futuring process.
Lisa's mission is to persuade people to dare to develop their creative potential.

Sarah Sumner

Sarah Sumner designed the unique process that Right On Mission owns and uses for Strategic Futuring.  As a theologian (Ph.D., Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), Dr. Sumner “baptized” the process by making it a deep discipleship program that reliably reveals your true calling.  She has led dozens of groups and individuals through the process and cannot wait to do it again. 


Sarah’s mission statement is “to build integrity in the Church.”

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"Strategic Futuring came along at a Providential time for me.  The day class began, I resigned in disappointment from my place of employment.  I had no idea what the future would hold.  With so many factors in life beyond my control, what good would it do to map out a future that I cannot predict or control?  That was my question, and it was surely answered both theologically and practically. This experience at Right on Mission has confirmed for me the calling I have in Christ, identified my life’s mission and vision, and drawn out of me a plan that was inside me all along."


—  Lori Anderson

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