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Strategic Futuring is a unique process designed by Right On Mission that positively changes your relationship with the future. In this program, you are led by a certified guide who helps you to resist the very common trap of subconsciously reacting to other people. Successful participants learn how to become more influential at a higher level. Our method teaches believers how to be themselves in Christ. There are no textbooks; only the Bible. All you need to bring to class is a willingness to find moral courage. If you take each step, you end up with a blueprint — a Strategic Futuring Plan — that streamlines your decisions and fuels you to endure, even in the face of opposition.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • How do I find direction and clarity for my life at this juncture?

  • How are we going to plan without trying to predict the unknown?

  • How can I make my very best contributions?

  • What if I feel stuck?

  • How can I live "on mission" given my full situation?



Strategic Futuring requires you to get both of your statements from Right On Mission. 

Professor & Students


"Strategic Futuring helped me in a big way.  It gave me the confidence to be bold in what I dared to accomplish. Before taking it, I didn't know how to think in a strategic or bold way.  What changed me was getting my mission and vision statements from Right On Mission and going through the Strategic Futuring process, which was so Providential.  Not only did I found a nonprofit for people in chronic pain (called "Broken and Mended"), but my mission statement itself ("To acknowledge the stardom of every person's life") became the ethos for the entire ministry."

—  David Heflin

Premier & Executive Packages also available!

Premiere and Executive Packages offer custom-made, client-paced, individualized guidance for clients and senior leaders who want to experience Strategic Futuring in a face to face, one on one, private venue online.  All you have to do is engage in conversation over a number of weeks.  We do the rest of the work for you on your behalf.  What you walk away with is a booklet that articulates your God-given vision and a strategy for pulling your future to yourself.

Certified Guides


Tom Okarma

Tom was a success in the business world, having crowned his career as CEO at DPIC Companies, Inc. in the Bay area.  After that season of being in the corner office ended, Tom found himself facing closed doors.  He was overqualified, yet under-used.  He started a consulting practice, but it did not take off until Tom’s relationship with his own future was redeemed.  Now Tom works nationally and has authored two books.  For Tom, it all traced back to getting his mission statement and then learning how to project it into the future with renewed hope in God.  


Tom’s mission is to empower people with strategies that honor what God loves.

Lisa Orimoto_optimized.JPG

Lisa Orimoto

Lisa Orimoto, Ph.D. is affectionately referred to as “Dr. Lisa” or “Dr. O.”  She is a formally trained scientist whose expertise includes human development, communication, strategic planning, and relational dynamics. She was certified to lead Strategic Futuring in 2016 and now oversees Strategic Futuring at Right On Mission.  Dr. Lisa is an exceptional listener who helps other people listen in new ways, which helps a lot in the Strategic Futuring process.
Lisa's mission is to persuade people to dare to develop their creative potential.


Sarah Sumner

Sarah Sumner designed the unique process that Right On Mission owns and uses for Strategic Futuring.  As a theologian (Ph.D., Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; M.A. Theology Wheaton College), Dr. Sumner turned Strategic Futuring into a deep discipleship program that reliably reveals your true calling, infuses you with hope, and prepares you to face your future with resolve.  Dr. Sumner has led dozens of groups and individuals through the odyssey of Strategic Futuring, and she cannot wait to do it again. 


Sarah’s mission statement is to build integrity in the Church.

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