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Pastoral Support

Pastors need to be pastored.  Every pastor is a person, and every shepherd is a sheep.  Even Jesus, the Chief Shepherd is The Lamb.  To be listened to, empathized with, understood, and challenged is what pastors who are healthy typically long for.  But where does a pastor go, and who does a pastor turn to?  Expectations placed on pastors typically crowd out space for the pastor to be nurtured, developed, and sharpened.  We help pastors cope with current realities, prioritize tasks, and streamline financial decisions.  We provide support, not therapy.  Guidance, not gimmicks.  Theological expertise to help pastors, including children’s pastors, thrive.

  • Personalized Ministry Plan:  A personalized inventory of your current ministry, a plan designed to meet immediate goals and exploration to identify potential growth areas and strengths.


  • Missional Ministry Plan:  A more robust and substantial ministry plan, with implementation and goals identified over 1-3 years: entailing multiple meetings, revisions, implementations, observations and evaluations. 

  • Visional Ministry Plan:  A 3-5 year ministry plan that will take your ministries to the next level by aligning ministries with the church Mission. The church will receive a Mission Statement and ministries will be set to be aligned under this mission statement and staff will be involved throughout the process, including key leaders, staff, elders and lay leaders to give input.

Image by Marissa Grootes


30 min  |  Free

You get 30 minutes to explore if Right On Mission is the right company to address your organizational needs.  We listen to you first, then recommend an initial course of action.

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