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Executive Advice

Executives need a venue for processing doubts, not just ideas.  We draw out your thoughts, help you hear your own thinking, and provide you with advice that advances your core values and most cherished beliefs.  Everything we do is contextualized in a one-to-one relationship that takes into account your mission statement, vision statement, and why statement.  We uphold you in your time-sensitive challenges, speak truth to you in Christ’s love, and prepare you to implement wisdom that uplifts people and protects them.  

Our Consultants

Diana Jones.jpg

Diana Jones, M.A. 


Diana served on church staff at Menlo Church South City.  She holds an M.A. in Christian Education from Azusa Pacific University and has vast experience as a children's ministry leader and family pastor.  Diana is an encourager.   She brings so much energy into conversations because she regularly refuels herself in prayer.  She and her family live in southern California.


Diana's mission is to stoke a fire that lights the way for people.

Reed, Ron | Headshot.jpeg

Ron Reed


Ron's mission statement is to lead others out of prideful isolation.

More information coming soon.


Sarah Sumner, Ph.D., MBA


Dr. Sarah Sumner has been an organizational consultant since 2005.  She has provided services for The Pentagon, Fresenius Medical Care, the LA and Glendale Police Departments, and numerous local churches and nonprofits.  Dr. Sumner is the originator of The People Model, a practical wisdom tool that helps people deal successfully with complex relational issues that play out in the workplace and home. The People Model Test can be found in her book, Leadership Above the Line (Tyndale, 2006). 


Dr. Sumner loves to train new board members and board chairs.  She has expertise in the politics of visionary leadership, onboarding women onto traditional male teams, and infusing moral courage into the soul of the organization.  She also majors in governance ethics, policy writing, religious freedom, and using her Harvard training as a global change agent. Her special touch is to teach decision-makers how to handle delicate matters with a practical, theological approach. 


Sarah Sumner’s mission statement is to build integrity in the Church.

Image by Marissa Grootes


30 min  |  Free

You get 30 minutes to explore if Right On Mission is the right company to address your needs.  We listen to you first, then recommend an initial course of action.

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