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Right On Mission focuses on current issues that impact faith in Christ.  Each lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours, with time reserved for questions and discussion.

The Bible In 2 Hours Series

Have you ever sat down to read a whole book of the Bible all at once?  What if someone were to help you understand each book by combing through each page of Scripture with you?  Our "The Bible in 2 Hours Series" is a very different approach to Bible study.  Literally, in two hours, you learn a whole book. We offer Bible Proficiency through these Free Sessions. Worksheets are provided for participants.  No payment is needed.  This is our gift to all who seek the Lord.

Thank you, Dr. Sumner, for this study and the unique way you presented the book of Habakkuk.  I now have a grasp of a book of the Bible I have never read before today.

- Tom Okarma

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I Timothy in 2 Hours
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I Timothy in 2 Hours
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I Thessalonians in 2 Hours
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II Timothy in 2 Hours
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Genesis in 2 Hours
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If you missed the sessions, click HERE to get the worksheets to follow along.


If you attended one of our webinars, we would greatly appreciate your feedback so we can improve our services and enhance your future learning experience. 


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