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Right On Mission

offers a variety of


educational services

for believers.

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This premiere offering precedes ordination.

Sarah teaching course

Vocational Certificates

Choose from nine Vocational Certificates.

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Missional Ministry Credential

Learn how to live on mission.


Governance Credential

Become a credential board member.

Upcoming Courses

Register early for $50 less.

Webinars & Forums

We keep students current on important theological issues.

Our Faculty

Our professors teach students, not just courses.

Course Catalog

Our courses are college or graduate level.

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Tutorials and Thesis Services

Need a professor to guide your research.

Academic Policies

Our policies apply to all participants.


Our enrollment platform gives you access to resources & connects you to our registration process


Do you have questions about our services?

Video Consultation


Returning Student Portal

Log in to Populi to access your student profile, where you can:

  • Register for classes (See video.)

  • Pay tuition (See video.)

  • Connect with professors and students (See video.)

  • Submit assignments and check grades

  • Check progress toward certificate completion

  • Request for unofficial and official transcripts

If you have not taken a course before and/or are not a Populi user, fill out the Admission Form or contact

Digital Book

Interest Form

If you are interested in pursuing a Vocational Certificate or the Governance Credential, please fill out the form below:

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Faculty Advisement

30 min  |  Free Advisement

This free service is for believers seeking to further their education through a Right On Mission certificate or credential, or to earn units for continuing education, or to earn an accredited degree.  In effort to pave a path for you from start to finish, enhance your personal growth, and assist you with career guidance, we meet with you 1:1 in an interactive, structured conversation.

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Thank you for starting Right On Mission. I have been challenged to think in a whole new way I never even thought was possible. I have loved getting to know people in these classes, they are the sweetest. I love being challenged to ask questions I would never have thought of. I love having these classes still rolling around in my heart months later.  About the time a class is over, I feel like I am just starting to get it and it leaves me hungry for more.  

- Katie V., Cross Cultural Consultant

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