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Everything we do honors our belief that you refract God’s image uniquely.

You have a God-given mission.
We help you find it.
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Mission Statements

Your mission statement tells what you do.


Life Mission 


reveals your sacred passion.


Church Mission 


tells the main objective of your community.

Image by Pedro Lastra

Business Mission 


tells how a company accomplishes its vision.

Image by Jason Goodman

Non-Profit Mission 


tells how an organization accomplishes its vision.

MS Options
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Follow-up Consultation

50 min  |  $50

You get 50 minutes to converse with a Right On Mission consultant. It is assumed that you will meet with your ROM consultant or with the expert who wrote your Life Mission, Vision, and/or Why Statement. You can either come to it prepared with your own questions or you can ask Right On Mission to lead the conversation instead.

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