is a belief statement that undergirds your mission and compels you toward your vision.  It is knowledge so internalized that it reveals your motivation to do your mission.



In this post-Covid era, it behooves every believer and Christian organization to get a Why Statement. Research shows that donors, clients, and customers are attracted to beliefs that match their own. Why Statements explain why you believe in your Vision Statement.  


To delineate the contrast:

  • Mission Statements reveal your sacred passion.

  • A Vision Statement is what you want to see.  

  • Why Statements explain why you believe that it is realistic to work toward your vision.


In short, you do what you do because it leads to the vision of what you want to see.  Whereas Mission and Vision Statements are action statements, Why Statements are powerful statements of truth.

Who Needs A Why Statement?   

Why Statements are essential for individuals, churches, and Christian entities because when you understand your “why,” you can keep going, you can press on.  You can find hope quickly yet again on the basis of your wellspring of belief.



You must have a Life Mission Statement and Personal Vision Statement from Right On Mission.  If you don't have either of those yet, please schedule here.

You Relax:   

We write the statement so you don't have to.

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The whole journey of discovery and deep listening, needed to produce my mission, vision, and why statements, has been amazing. Sarah is truly gifted and have a beautiful soul.  She has given me much to ponder, directions to consider and foundations to build upon.  Thank you.

Laurie Sanders, Vice President of Development