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puts words to the God-given dream that you are resolved to work toward.  Your vision tells what you want to see.

A Personal



A vision statement tells WHAT you want to see. Once you can articulate your personal vision, you can streamline all you do to work toward your vision.

A vision gives you a picture of the future in advance. 

Who Needs A Personal Vision Statement?   

All believers need a Vision Statement because without vision, people perish due to their unrestraint.  You need a succinct Vision Statement that brings structure to your vision of your unfolding life.

You Receive:

A Vision Statement for your Strategic Futuring Plan


You Relax:   

We write the statement.  All you do is engage in a conversation about yourself. 


I received a huge, unexpected breakthrough during the vision statement process with Dr. Sumner. When we started, I was feeling fatigued and beaten by life’s experiences. In the end, I literally emerged a new creation in Christ. God’s magnificence shined through Dr. Sumner; it was clearly a time set aside by the Lord before the foundations of the earth. Real healing, hope and restoration came through and I now see why God tells us, ‘Without a vision, the people perish.’ Living without a vision is like living in a vortex. As soon as Dr. Sumner read my vision statement aloud, I entered a new realm of vibrancy and freedom like never before.

—  RaeDeen Keahiolalo, Director of Educational Research & Post-secondary Success

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