reveals your sacred passion. 

It puts words to who you are.  

It is more than a personal brand.     

At Right On Mission we make positively sure that every single word of your Life Mission Statement articulates your individual uniqueness. 

Why Get A Life Mission Statement?   

Because the process is so beautiful and redemptive.  

No matter how developed or accomplished you are, you will probably walk away with more peace with yourself and a deeper understanding of the best way for you to make meaningful and lasting contributions.

You Receive:

We give you a Life Mission Statement and a one-page commentary on it


You Relax:   

We write the statement for you.  All you do is  engage in a conversation about yourself. 



  1. You must be at least 18 years old.

  2. You must be alive in Christ.

  3. You must be someone who expressly desires to receive a mission statement that complies with our Statement Of Faith.

For more information, see our FAQs.

When you get a

Life Mission Statement,

you get clarity, direction, validation, insight, motivation, encouragement, potency,

new energy, new freedom, and readiness to stand strong, even in the face of opposition.

Lead Mission Statement Writer:

WATCH video clip that explains what it means to get a life mission statement


Thank you for writing up my mission statement. It was a joy to go through the process. The theological write-up produced for me is wonderfully written, encouraging and purposeful!! Sarah so patiently listened and processed, then proclaimed my statement.  Dr. Sarah Sumner is a gifted joy!

—  Nancy Grisham, Author & Speaker

After you receive your Mission Statement, you may want to:

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