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reveals your sacred passion. 

It puts words to who you are.  

It is more than a personal brand.     

We make absolutely certain that

every single word of your

Life Mission Statement

articulates your individual uniqueness. 

Mission Statements
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No matter how developed you already are . . .


A Life Mission statement gives you clarity, direction, insight, validation, motivation, encouragement, potency, new energy, new freedom to be yourself in Christ, even in the face of opposition.

You Receive:

A Life Mission Statement and a one-page commentary on it.


You Relax:   

We write the statement for you.

All you do is engage in a conversation about yourself. 



  1. You must be at least 21 years old.

  2. You must be alive in Christ.

  3. You must be someone who expressly desires to receive a mission statement that complies with our Statement Of Faith.

For more information, see our FAQs.


“I have been through other programs and training geared to help you develop a personal mission statement.  As a certified Life Coach I have worked with many leaders to help them develop theirs as well.  In a relatively short period of time Sarah helped me develop the most focused and clear personal mission statement I have ever had. My time with her was extremely profitable. Use her. You will NOT be disappointed.”

—  Arthur Gray, Professor, Attorney and Consultant

After you receive your Life Mission Statement

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