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Upgrade your relationship with your future.

Learn how to streamline your decisions that fuel you to endure.

Virtual Team Meeting

Upcoming Cohorts

Go through Strategic Futuring with others who want to live on mission.

Meeting at the office

Premier/Executive Packages

Get one on one individualized guidance on your Strategic Futuring Plan with a certified Guide.




Receive additional help with your Strategic Futuring Plan.

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Futuring Ahead

For believers ages 16 - 20 who desire to make the most of their lives.

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Certified Guides

Our Guides are equipped to help you craft your Strategic Futuring Plan.

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This portal takes you to online registration, course materials, and Zoom sessions.

Invite a spiritual director to listen to God with you on your behalf.

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Faculty Advisement

30 min  |  Free Advisement

This complimentary service is a 1:1 interactive, structured conversation. Any believer age 17 and up is welcome to sign up.

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