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A Business Mission Statement

tells how a company accomplishes its vision.

What if your organization

had a mission statement that resonated so viscerally with your constituency that donors, investors, and workers alike were motivated by its meaning and magnetically pulled toward success?

Many businesses have mission statements that workers don’t remember or refer to. 


But “Level 5” businesses organize their work around a powerful mission statement that distinguishes them in the marketplace and positions them to increase sales.

You Receive:

We produce for you a Business Mission Statement (BMS) and

a Business Vision Statement plus a one-page theological write-up that unpacks the meaning of your BMS. 


You Relax:  

We write the statement so you don't have to. Instead, decision-makers from your company engage in a conversation with Right On Mission either in person or on Zoom video.



It takes some pre-work led by Right On Mission along with

one productive meeting to get a Business Mission Statement.  


We use our theological approach for start-ups, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and MNC’s at a negotiated price.


"As an organization, nothing will waste your time and create friction than losing focus. before we did the work with Sarah to understand the mission statement of our board, we as an organization felt confused and spread thin. We knew we needed a healthy strategy for us to move forward and grow, but until we could figure out why we were doing the work, we felt frustrated and unfocused. Even though I have an MBA from one of the best business schools in the United States, I can honestly say that I had no idea how powerful the work with Sarah would be for me personally as the founder of my organization or for our board. Sarah managed to hone down the exact reasons I started the organization and gave me the words to feel confident in the future. I am now able to navigate strategy and decision making processes with ease and joy. What Sarah gave me is a gift I can't thank her enough for."


—  Lina AbuJamra, Living with Power


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