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A Church Mission Statement

tells the main objective

of your church community in powerful, motivating words.

Can you imagine how your church could change your city or rural area if every member of the congregation had a clear sense of shared mission? Though all healthy churches live out the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20), every local church has a distinct contribution to make. 


Whether you're a church—or a group of college students taking a short-term missions trip—you can build team unity and strategic like-mindedness by getting a custom-made mission statement for your group.

You Receive:

We give you a Church Mission Statement (CMS) and a Church Vision Statement plus a one-page theological write-up that unpacks the meaning of your CMS. 


You Relax:   

We write the statement so you don't have to. Instead, decision-makers from your church engage in a conversation with Right On Mission either in person or on Zoom Video Conference.



It takes some pre-work led by Right On Mission along with one productive meeting to get a Church Mission Statement for your

Christ-honoring cause.  Prices are negotiated.


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