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Worship Sets in Scripture

Course Description:

What if every segment of praise to God recorded in the Scriptures were to be seen as a worship set?  How many worship sets does Scripture offer us?  In this course, students are charged to read the book of Psalms and survey all of Scripture, taking inventory of every worship set.  This is a course that guides students to find out how real people in the Scriptures went from feeling overwhelmed to breaking out in spontaneous praise.  

Guiding Questions:

  • What are the elements of real worship?

  • How can worship leaders design worship sets that lead people into genuine praise?

  • How does silent reverence play into the experience of worship?

  • How can worship leaders offer God's comfort to God's people?

  • How much more creative might worship leaders be if they were artistically confined to setting up worship sets instead of allowing themselves to perform as Christian rockstars?

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