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Architect at Work

Strategic Futuring is a unique process designed by Right On Mission that positively changes your relationship with the future. In this program, you are led by a certified guide who helps you to resist the very common trap of subconsciously reacting to other people. Successful participants learn how to become more influential at a higher level. Our method teaches believers how to be themselves in Christ. There are no textbooks; only the Bible. All you need to bring to class is a willingness to find moral courage. If you take each step, you end up with a blueprint — a Strategic Futuring Plan — that streamlines your decisions and fuels you to endure, even in the face of opposition.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • How do I find direction and clarity for my life at this juncture?

  • How are we going to plan without trying to predict the unknown?

  • How can I make my very best contributions?

  • What if I feel stuck?

  • How can I live "on mission" given my full situation?

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"Strategic Futuring helped me in a big way.  It gave me the confidence to be bold in what I dared to accomplish. Before taking it, I didn't know how to think in a strategic or bold way.  What changed me was getting my mission and vision statements from Right On Mission and going through the Strategic Futuring process, which was so Providential.  Not only did I found a nonprofit for people in chronic pain (called "Broken and Mended"), but my mission statement itself ("To acknowledge the stardom of every person's life") became the ethos for the entire ministry."

—  David H.

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Faculty Advisement

30 min  |  Free Advisement

This complimentary service is a 1:1 interactive, structured conversation. Any believer age 17 and up is welcome to sign up.

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