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Futuring Ahead

Futuring Ahead is a character-building planning process designed for believers, ages 16 -20, who desire to make the most of their lives. The program helps young people seamlessly transition out of high school into college and adulthood by teaching them how to access their decision-making power. Students are closely guided through this odyssey-like process by a certified Futuring Guide. The aim is for students to learn how to steward their short-term and long-term future and live with far more confidence in Christ. 

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As students acquire new skills both in self-management and self-giving, they become less anxious and reactive. Successful students gain resilience born of moral courage as they begin to realize their God-given strength and access their own agency that comes into play when they resolve to live (right) on mission. 


  • Are you daring enough to find out who you are?

  • What distinguishes you from everybody else?

  • How free are you? How reactive are you? 

  • Do you know how to hope in God? 

  • How can you shape your future when you are so young?

More cohorts coming soon!
If you have any questions or are interested in starting soon, contact

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