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Futuring Ahead

Futuring Ahead is a character-building planning process designed for young believers, ages 16 - 20.  The program helps students seamlessly transition out of high school into college and then step into adulthood with knowledge of how to access decision-making power that steers their life toward their God-given vision. Futuring Ahead is a disciple- making program that shows how stunning Scripture is and how generous God is.  Interactively students are taught how to steward their long-term future, transcend the shock of hardship, and live in the present with far more confidence.

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Those who complete the process tend to grow exponentially in moral courage, self-awareness, and authentic faith in God. 


  • Are you daring enough to find out who you are?

  • How free are you? How reactive are you? 

  • Do you know how to hope in God? 

  • How willing are you to influence others for good?

More cohorts coming soon!
If you have any questions or are interested in starting soon, contact

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