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Interpreting Scripture I

Course Description:

The task of interpreting Scripture is foundational to doing responsible Christian theology. Biblical interpretation, often referred to as "biblical hermeneutics," is intellectual work that calls for honesty, not prejudice, from the interpreter. It also calls for knowledge of language, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and more. It takes longer than eight weeks to learn hermeneutics. What this course does is introduce students to the discipline of reading the Old and New Testament with respect to genre, dialogue, and authorial intent.

Guiding Questions:

  • How does Scripture itself want to be interpreted?

  • What is the difference between an interpretation and a misinterpretation?

  • How do we know which methodology to use for handling the Word accurately?

"This course is absolutely awesome. All ROM classes are great but this one is showing me what I have been longing to learn. Coming on the heels of Applying Scripture, Dr. Painter is going deeper with Interpreting Scripture.  He is such a great teacher. I could listen to him all day every day. I know there are more people like me out there looking for a deeper understanding of Scripture. This is the class for you!!!"

—  Juliann Lee 


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