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The Story of Scripture

Course Description:

There is no greater epic story filled with tragedy, love, and triumph than the Bible.  From the narrative of Adam and Eve being subverted in paradise to the crucifixion of Jesus hanging innocent on a cross to the miracles of resurrection and utterly transformed lives, the Bible reveals the truth about the conflict we are in as we lumber and lurch through life with all its ecstasies and woes.  This course introduces the suspenseful macro-story of the Old Testament and New Testament from Genesis to the Revelation.  Because it is a course that makes Scripture come alive, it is a course that enlivens students as well.

Guiding Questions:

  • What are the practical benefits of being biblically literate?

  • How does the metanarrative of Scripture give people perspective for today?

  • What does the storyline of Scripture reveal about God?

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