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Liturgy and Sacraments

Course Description:

There are three essential practices that historically have defined what constitutes a real church.  One of those three practices is the proper administration of the sacraments.  This course is a study of the meaning of the sacraments and the purpose of having liturgy for the full congregation to engage.  It is an exercise in practical theology.  In it students will learn why it is critical to be reverent when baptizing new believers and serving the Lord's Supper to Christ's Bride. 


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is a sacrament? Why do Catholics say there are seven sacraments and Protestants say there are only two?

  • What is liturgy?  What are the risks of having liturgy in church gatherings?

  • What is the danger of having no liturgy or sacraments in Christian worship services?

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