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Judges, Kings & Prophets

Course Description:

Every culture and society is shaped by the authority that governs it. In Scripture, we see how Israel thrived and suffered depending on who was leading Israel's people.  When Israel's leader was humble enough to listen to God's voice, things unfolded far better than when Israel's leader preferred to rule arbitrarily by his or her own discretion.  This course introduces top leaders and advisors in Scripture such as Samson, Jeremiah, and King David as well as Deborah, Huldah, and Queen Esther.  It's a course that puts the spotlight, not on people, but rather on the marvel of God's good character and God's longing to help all people really live.

Guiding Questions:

  • What does the book of Judges reveal about the problem of moral decline?

  • What are the factors that distinguish the best kings in the Old Testament?

  • Who are the prophets in the Bible and how does their counsel apply to us today?

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