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Jesus in a Post-Christian Culture

Course Description:

Who is Jesus?  Was Jesus a real rabbi in Israel, or is Jesus of Nazareth merely a religious icon in the Christian faith?  Was Jesus a sinner?  Did Jesus have a girlfriend or a lover?  If Jesus was the "Son" of God, then how was He really God?  Is it true, as some scholars say, that Jesus only "became" the Christ after He became a legend?  In this entry-level course students will encounter the Jesus in Scripture by reading the four Gospel accounts in the New Testament as well as parts of the book of Revelation.  Students will be challenged in our post-Christian culture to consider for themselves if Jesus is worth following and even dying for.


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • How can people in a post-Christian culture meet the real Jesus?

  • Who is the real Jesus?

  • Why is Jesus the most controversial person in all of history?

  • What kind of a relationship do I have with Jesus?

  • How might my life change if I were to trust God the way that Jesus did?

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