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Interpreting Scripture II

Course Description:

This course builds directly upon the prerequisite course Interpreting Scripture I.  In it, students are trained to handle the Word of God rightly by submitting to the authority of what it says on its own terms. Successful students learn how to analyze the grammar, interpret figures of speech, and parse whole paragraphs of selected passages in the Old and New Testament. The course involves the rigor of weekly homework, but also the joy that comes with doing the hard work of mining the treasures of Scripture.  Right On Mission also offers Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and more advanced levels of Interpreting Scripture through our Specialty Courses.


Guiding Questions:

  • What does it mean to handle the Word of God accurately?

  • What is typology, and how does it point to Christ in Scripture? 

  • How does interpreting a narrative differ from interpreting a parable or poetry? 

  • Does Scripture interpret itself?

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