How to Read a Book

Course Description:

This course answers the question, "How can you read a book about reading a book unless you already know how to read a book?"  It's a course about the art of reading.  It's for writers and avid learners who want to increase their understanding and maximize their time by reading more effectively and efficiently.  It's an entry-level course, yet such a practical course that it offers practical wisdom even for doctoral students whose reading assignments are heavy and overwhelming.  The challenge in this course will be for students to rehearse reading at higher levels and produce a book review for publication. 


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What are the dimensions of reading?  

  • How can I improve my reading comprehension?  How can I read better, yet faster?

  • When I write something, how do I envision people reading it? 

  • Do I have the moral courage to read something that is above my reading level?  How well do I read the Bible?