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How to Read a Book

(Short Course)

Course Description:

This course answers the question, "How can you read a book about reading a book unless you already know how to read a book?" It's a course about the art of reading. It's for students, writers and self-starting learners who want to increase their understanding and maximize their time by reading more efficiently and effectively. It's an entry-level course, yet such a practical course that it offers practical wisdom even for doctoral students whose reading assignments are heavy and overwhelming. Reading is a skill, and in this course students will sharpen that skill and thereby increase their capacity to think more Christianly.

Successful students will gain knowledge and understanding to:

  • Analyze the structure of the content of a book;

  • Identify the core of a given sentence;

  • Generate questions and listen long for insight as they read;

  • Explain what is Christian about reading.




Sarah Sumner, Ph.D., MBA

Full Course Runs:

Thursday, December 1 –  Thursday, December 29


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