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Gospel Narratives

Course Description:

What is a story?  What do all the stories in Scripture have in common?  According to Martin Luther, every narrative in the Bible points to Christ. What is a narrative? What is a gospel narrative? What is the gospel? Is the gospel itself a story?  Is the gospel “asking Jesus into your heart?” How can you learn to let gospel narratives, the Story of God, the Bible, impact your own story in more profound ways?  This course is designed to open students' eyes to discern the real meaning of every Bible story with far more understanding and personal application.


Guiding Questions:

  • What are the basic elements of a story?  

  • How does the gospel compare to dead church doctrine?  

  • Do biblical commandments proclaim the gospel?  Do parables proclaim the gospel?

  • Why is Jesus' parable of the prodigal son regarded, even by some prominent atheists, as the world’s all-time greatest short story?

  • What are you learning about God as you view Scripture in the light of its gospel narratives?

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