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Efficient Management

Course Description:

On-the-job training is perhaps the most common way that executive assistants learn their role.  How much time is wasted though in the learning process?  Who helps assistants save time?  Assistants are so depended upon that they are often not invested in as much as they should be by their organizations and supervisors. This is a course that compensates for the usual lack of training that naturally gifted office managers and personal assistants typically have.  It’s a “learn the ropes” mentoring course designed to ease the work of those who ease the work of others.


Guiding Questions:

  • What is efficient management? 

  • In what sense do executive assistants manage the work of their supervisors, and in what sense do supervisors manage the work of their assistants?

  • What questions do executive assistants need to ask in order to become more efficient?

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