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Unfolding Church History

Course Description:

The Bible reveals that history is unfolding and heading toward the Second Coming of Christ.  History is going somewhere.  So then, why should any Christian study the past?  Why does church history even matter?  Why does God tell His people to remember?  What happens when Christians fail to take the time to remember?  In what sense is the study of church history a study of the interpretation of Scripture?  In what sense is church history a study of the development of church doctrine?  Why is it important to remember how orthodox Christian doctrine came to be?  This is a course on the study of church history and also on church history itself.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What does it mean to remember?   Why does God command us to remember what has happpened in the past? 

  • What does the past reveal?  What can we learn about God by pondering the past?

  • What does church history say about the Providence of God?  Is God guiding all of history?

  • What does it mean to think historically?  How does thinking historically enhance our understanding of truth?

  • How does knowing church history give us wisdom for decision-making today?

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