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The Problem of Evil

Course Description:

The most nagging, notorious question non-Christians seem to ask is "How could God allow such awful things to happen?" or "How can God at once be all-powerful and all-loving given all the pain and evil in this world?"  In order to engage the problem of evil, it is necessary to define what evil is. In this course students grapple with the existence of evil, good, anguish, ecstasy, death, and life.  Successful students will be able to act with integrity as Christ followers, even in the face of the mystery of iniquity and also the Mystery of God. 

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is evil?  Is it an illusion?  An absence of goodness?  What is goodness?

  • Was Jesus good?  Was He evil?    

  • What did Jesus Christ accomplish that pertains to you and me?

  • How can God be sovereign over evil without being contaminated?

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