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The Power of Words

Course Description:

Is it reasonable to believe that words can steer the course of world history?  How much power is embedded in the cradle of a word?  What are words?  How do words affect relationships?  How does God use words? What can be accomplished by way of finding the right words?  Words are loaded with theology and theological implications, even when they are uttered by unbelievers.  This is a course for writers, teachers, preachers, leaders, lawyers, politicians, spiritual directors, parents, therapists and students who earnestly desire to communicate effectively in words.


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What wars am I fighting with my words? 

  • Am I hiding behind my words or revealing myself with my words?

  • How exactly am I listening to other people's words?

  • What important changes could be catalyzed by my words?

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