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The Old Testament in the New Testament

Course Description:

Part of the challenge in rightly interpreting Scripture is deciphering how the New Testament writers interpreted and applied the Old Testament. For example, how did James interpret Amos 9 at the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15?  Did Amos have the same idea that James had with regard to the prophecy God gave Amos?  In this course, students will examine a variety of Old Testament passages quoted in the New Testament and engage important questions about Israel, the Church, and God’s plan of salvation. 


Guiding Questions:

  • How is the Old Testament used in the New Testament? 

  • Does Scripture itself teach hermeneutical principles?

  • What is the Jewish practice of biblical exegesis?

  • Should we follow the New Testament pattern for interpreting the Old Testament or hold to a principle that says the Old Testament itself determines its own meaning?




Jack Painter, Ph.D. 


Full Course Runs:

Wednesday, May 1 –

Friday, June 28, 2024

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