Spiritual Direction I

Course Description:

Spiritual direction is a process that involves the full humanity of the spiritual director and spiritual directee. Body, soul, mind, spirit are each and all addressed in spiritual direction as aspects of the image of God. In this age of feelings first, spiritual direction offers a gentle way to  lead people to find God as He actively shows His love in their life journey.  At its best, spiritual direction is a deeply pastoral form of shepherding sheep by feeding them God's Word through merciful questions and affirmations.  In this introductory course, students are taught to recognize opportunities for prayerful exploration, so they can begin to observe God’s Presence and activity in the life of someone else.  Successful students will learn to look at personal circumstances with eyes of faith through the lens of Scripture and humble prayer.

Guiding Questions:

  • What is spiritual direction?  How is it distinguished from spiritual formation and soul care?

  • What does it take to be a good spiritual director?

  • How does a person learn to listen to the Holy Spirit's guidance for someone else?

  • How can God’s promises best be presented as assurances to spiritual directees?  

  • How does thinking Christianly lead to open-ended, honest, redemptive questions?