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Science and Scripture

Course Description:

Is it possible to be intellectually honest at a scientific level and believe in the authority of Scripture?  How does scientific truth accord with biblical truth?  How can a person take seriously the so-called "God-inspired" Scriptures since history shows so clearly that science, at given points, has corrected church tradition?  How does the biblical notion of a cosmos created by God square with the idea of evolution?  How can an educated person today believe in miracles?  In this course students will be prodded to examine conflicting claims of "truth" and think reasonably about both science and Scripture.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is the relationship between the natural and the supernatural?

  • Is nature supernatural?  Is there no such thing at all as the supernatural?  Is God supernatural? 

  • Did God evolve from nothingness?  Or did people?  What is evolution? 

  • What is the logical conclusion of refusing to believe in miracles?  What must be true if there are no miracles?

"This course taught by Hugh Ross was a spiritual safety net that caught my falling soul during a rather trying time in my personal life.  Thank you!"


—  David Weston, Guitarist in Adamas Acoustic Trio

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