Research Discernment Lab

Course Description:

This is a course in information literacy to teach students how to discern what's going on.  Since almost anyone can google a subject or read articles in Wikipedia, a good way for students to distinguish themselves as workers is for them to be able to demonstrate that they have the skills and discipline to do responsible research and not forward bogus claims without doing due diligence.  Due diligence--checking the facts--is needed when an author writes a book, or a judge produces a verdict, or an executive decides to hire or fire an employee.  Due diligence is a basic form of research.  Good research skills are needed in many jobs whether a student is a scientist, a scholar, a writer, a fund developer, a public speaker, a bank examiner, or a supervisor. 

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is information literacy?

  • How can a person discern if an article or message is propaganda?

  • What are the most practical research skills for professionals to have?

  • How do I access web sources such as online libraries and archives?

  • What kinds of conversations can I have to unearth buried truths?

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