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Rediscovering Scripture

Course Description:

Everyone can benefit from rediscovering Scripture.  There is so much life and beauty in God's Word.  For some, the need is to see that the Bible is not God, even though the Bible is God's Word.  For others, the rediscovery lies in finding the Bible's hidden, higher intelligence.  For yet others the surprise may be that Scripture is actually current, not archaic, even though its manuscripts are ancient.  For still others, the new finding may be that God speaks to God's people through God's Word.  For still yet others, the joy may be in discovering that the Bible offers solace to those who have heard it spoken wildly out of context by abusers.  In this course, first thing, students will be guided to ask questions.  For wise inquiry leads the mind not only out of boredom but also out of old patterns of wrong thinking.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is my view of the Bible?  How have I related to the Bible in the past? 

  • What right questions have I not asked when I'm studying Scripture?

  • How might the Spirit of God desire to comfort me, especially at this point in my life?

  • What is my relationship with the Holy Spirit of God who inspired the Word of God through the biblical writers?

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