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Public Relations

Course Description:

Public relations is a part of loving our neighbor.  Being considerate and mindful of how we, as servants of the Lord, are coming across to others can be critically important.  It takes self-awareness, cultural savvy, and wisdom to "understand the times" to flourish in public relations whether that be with City Council, residents in the neighborhood, or with a special interest group.  Many times having good public relations can not only make it easier to solve problems, but to prevent problems in the first place.  This is a basic course in relating and communicating with the public. 


Guiding Questions:

  • How is this team coming across to the general public?

  • Who is the "public" that I need to be relating to in my work?

  • How can I pay respect to the public in a way that honors Christ?

  • What bridges need to be built in order for the services I render to succeed?

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