Prophets and Whistleblowers

Course Description:

According to Jesus, prophets are honored, except not in their hometown or in their own families.  What does it mean to speak prophetic words?  Are whistleblowers prophets?  Why do most prophets and whistleblowers end up being outcasts?  Why would anyone ever be willing to speak truth to power given the likelihood of suffering that truth-telling typically brings?  This is a sobering course that draws heavily from the stories of prophets in both the Old and New Testament.  It’s a course on moral courage, a study of the faithfulness of God.  


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is the difference between a prophet and a false prophet? 

  • In what sense was Jesus a prophet?

  • Why does Scripture say that everyone should desire the gift of prophecy?

  • What does it mean to speak truth to power?  

  • What wisdom is most needed for prophets and whistleblowers?