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Productive Meetings

Course Description:

Leaders lead meetings, but few have the know-how to lead interesting meetings that advance the main cause of the group.  What makes a good meeting interesting?  How do leaders cultivate trust so that members of the meeting participate authentically and refuse to get caught up in political posturing?  Is it possible to host meetings that are efficient, yet life-changing?  In this course, students are required to envision meetings as being venues for sound arguments, not quarrels.  It’s a course that explains the reason why leaders need to be emotionally mature.  

Guiding Questions:

  • Why are we having this meeting?  Do we really need to meet for this?

  • How much do the people in this meeting trust each other?

  • What underlying conflicts are lurking below the surface of the dialogue?

  • How do we turn this meeting into honest, problem-solving conversation? 

  • What discipleship opportunities lay dormant in the midst of this meeting?

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