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Persuasive Speaking

Course Description:

Preaching is a central practice in Christianity, but the word preaching is seen by many as a pejorative term of judgment. "Don't preach at me," we say defensively. Good preaching is truth-telling without self-righteousness. To preach is to proclaim good news and offer exhortations of warning and encouragement. In this course students learn a method of speaking that works for preaching, negotiating, leading meetings and conversations, and doing fund development. The course focuses on the importance of non-presumptive language and speaking intelligibly and is taught in a way that refreshes seasoned speakers and wannabe preachers alike.


Guiding Questions:

  • How do you eliminate non-presumptive language from your speaking/preaching? 

  • What makes sermons and other gospel presentations most effective? 

  • How can we apply the principles of persuasive speaking to other venues of communication?

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