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Moral Authority

Course Description:

Many leadership courses are offered in schools, nonprofit workshops, and business conferences. How many of those courses teach students to become moral leaders? How many teach students how to embrace the truth with real accountability? Moral leaders are truthful. They are good shepherds, not hirelings. They don't compromise their integrity; they don't justify bad behavior. They take responsibility for themselves. They are humble enough to take ownership, even of problems that they themselves did not cause. Moral leaders are not afraid to do what's right—to the contrary, they're afraid to do what's wrong. They fear the Lord. In this course students will analyze and reflect on their relationship with authority, learn from leadership literature, and be given opportunity to resolve to submit to Christ and be a non-anxious presence in this world.


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is your relationship with authority? 

  • What's the difference between seeking power and seeking truth?

  • What core values do moral leaders live by?  Are you living by your own stated core values?

  • What does history, including Scripture, say about moral leadership?  What does philosophy say?

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