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Knowledge Management

Course Description:

In any given organization, there is a large body of knowledge that pertains to how that organization works.  But who in the organization has access to all that knowledge?  Given the division of labor and all the workers who come and go in an organization, knowledge is often lost.  How much time and money is wasted on account of organizations losing track not only of data but of how data is internally preserved?  This is a course designed for people who are serious about maximizing the impact of their team.  It is also very relevant to anyone managing clients.  It is strongly recommended for leaders, their assistants, business owners, and all board members. 


Guiding Questions:

  • What is knowledge management?  

  • How can a team work more efficiently by recording how work is processed?

  • What functional redundancies are draining precious resources from our team? 

  • How can this organization proactively take advantage of its own prior learning?

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