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Jude in Greek

Course Description:

Twenty-five verses comprise the whole book of Jude. In this course, students get to analyze every line of Jude in its original Koine Greek language while pondering and absorbing its clarifying message. You don't have to be fluent in Greek to sign up for this course or to gain from all the insights provided by the professor; you can simply audit the class. But to benefit fully, you do need to be ready to be inspired by words of Scripture that speak to us today by helping us respond to hardship and loss with vision, endurance, and love.

Guiding Questions:

  • What kind of book is the letter of Jude?

  • What are the steps we take to interpret a book of the Bible?

  • Who wrote Jude and when?

  • What were the circumstances that led to this letter and who were the “opponents.”

  • Why does the language of Jude sound so harsh?

  • What is the primary message of Jude?

  • What does Jude say to us today?

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