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Intro to New Testament Greek

(Specialty Course)

Course Description:

This introductory course is for students who desire to understand the basics of New Testament Greek. Given all the digital tools and communicative methods available today, it is possible to progress without having to do traditional memorization. If you want to acquire skills that enable you to look up Greek words, examine the grammar of Bible verses, and have a general sense of the original language of the New Testament, this course is for you.

Key Questions to be Explored:

  • What is New Testament Greek

  • How will this course help me to know the Bible better?

  • What are the rudiments of the Greek language of the Bible?

  • How do I use the Greek Bible effectively?




Jack Painter, Ph.D.

Full Course Runs:

Wednesday, June 1 –

Wednesday, Aug. 31



New Student  |  Returning Student

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