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Specialty Course:
How To Write A Book

Course Description:

This course is a practicum, a learning laboratory.  It's a venue for making progress on your book.  Very little reading is required of students in it because the course is designed to help unpublished writers turn their scribbled up pages into a structured manuscript.  The course is more like a bootcamp than a lecture series.  Every session offers students another guided opportunity to turn their ideas into a volume of well organized paragraphs.  Whether you're starting with nothing more than a vision for your book or a foggy set of sentences or perhaps an unpublished manuscript that needs to be reworked, there is much to be gained not only from the teaching, but also the group dynamic. The course is hard, but heartening; challenging, but life-changing.  If you're serious about writing a book, this course might be the catalyst for getting your work published.  Such has happened before.  


Guiding Questions:

  • Why are you writing a book? 

  • Who are you writing to?

  • What is the main message of your book?

  • How can you speak to your readers most effectively?


"I am blown away by the value of this class. This is an outstanding course with practical application that turns thoughts into written words and intentions into actions. Working alongside other students (and our professor) was extremely helpful and instructive. Dr. Sumner provided a wealth of insight, resources, and structure that helped me understand and utilize a framework and approach to get organized and get writing, bit by bit. I am more inspired than ever and now see myself as an author sharing for the benefit of others."

- Art Fromm, Sales Consultant


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