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Get Right On Mission

Course Description:

Do you know what your unique, life mission statement is?  How effective could you be if you streamlined all your resources to help you stay on mission?  This course is designed to help students get on mission and stay on mission.  The essence of the course is theological in the sense that students are assigned to write a full-orbed paper on the meaning of their own mission statement.  Students are closely guided as they set up specific, strategic ways to manage their own assets, time and energy.  As a requirement of the course, each student must have a life mission statement from Right On Mission.


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What are the practical implications of your life mission statement?

  • What kind of of self-care do you need in order to live on mission full-time?

  • What impact does your mission statement have on your schedule?

  • What difference does it make if you gain a deeper understanding of your mission statement?

I can't tell you how awesome this class was. ​I just want to cry with everything God has revealed to me through this c​ourse​!​  ​​I wanted to share the change in me from the ​G​et ​R​ight ​O​n ​M​ission (GROM) course​ to ​Knowing Father God​ course. When I had to write my paper on my ​Life ​Mission Statement for GROM I was a basket case. I was so worked up I couldn't even think let alone write the paper. I had to ask for an extra week just so I could get something written. ​ But a​s I was preparing for ​the​ test, I realized that the content of this class had already transformed ​me:  I​ was​ free--I didn't worry​​!​ ​ ​I did my best in studying and reading and let it be. ​  ​I feel so blessed to be part of R​ight ​O​n​ M​ission​, learning the Word, and meeting wonderful new people.


—  Juliann Lee

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