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Knowing Father God

Course Description:

A.W. Tozer said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us . . . No nation has ever risen above its idea of God.” In this course students engage deep questions, not only about God, but also about their own unspoken beliefs about God. The course is slated to begin in December for the purpose of giving students time to seize the opportunity to get a head start with their main assignment which is to write a theology-based, Repentance Plan for the coming year. Students will be guided theologically throughout the course to apply their learning about God to their relationship with God. This is the most foundational course at Right On Mission.


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • Who is God? Is God male? Is God White? Is God all-powerful, or is God in process?

  • How is it that God is triune? Is God a three-tiered hierarchy of Father, Son, and Spirit?

  • Is God the author of evil? In what sense is God good?

  • Why is our view of God the most important thing about us?

  • What does my behavior reveal about my underlying beliefs about God?

I can't tell you how awesome this class was. ​I just want to cry with everything God has revealed to me through this c​ourse​!​  ​​I wanted to share the change in me from the ​G​et ​R​ight ​O​n ​M​ission (GROM) course​ to ​Knowing Father God​ course. When I had to write my paper on my ​Life ​Mission Statement for GROM I was a basket case. I was so worked up I couldn't even think let along write the paper. I had to ask for an extra week just so I could get something written. ​ But a​s I was preparing for ​the​ test, I realized that the content of this class had already transformed ​me:  I​ was​ free--I didn't worry​​!​ ​ ​I did my best in studying and reading and let it be. ​  ​I feel so blessed to be part of R​ight ​O​n​ M​ission​, learning the Word, and meeting wonderful new people.


—  Juliann Lee