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Faith Recovery

Course Description:

America is now said to be post-Christian because so many who used to self-identify as  Christians no longer profess to be people of faith.  For some, part of the problem is the lack of credibility that they see in the claims of the Bible.  For others, the offense is a disregard for women as perceived from King David and the apostle Paul.  Countless past churchgoers have given up on Christian fellowship because they have been betrayed by positional Christian leaders.  Still others feel disenfranchised because of what they learned in Christian school.  This course is designed not only for Christian leaders and other disciplemakers, but also for concerned family members and friends who seek to understand how resilient truth is, even in a culture of irreverence.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • How can post-Christians find their way back to God?  

  • Is faith recovery possible? 

  • What does it mean for a Christian to persevere?

  • What is the truth of the gospel?

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