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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Course Description:

Entrepreneurial leadership is a special kind of leadership.  To start something from scratch, assemble a winning team, and tap into a market or create a brand new market is not at all the same as leading a well established organization.  Entrepreneurs are quintessentially different from risk-avoidant managers and bureaucrats.  Entrepreneurial leadership requires the unleashing of people's talents rather than limiting lower-ranked workers for the sake of hierarchical control  This is a course for students who have entrepreneurial bents and who want to learn to be leaders that draw out the creativity in others who can help build new entities. 


Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is entrepreneurial leadership?

  • Who are the entrepreneurs in the stories of Scripture?

  • What blind spots do entrepreneurs tend to have?

  • How does entrepreneurial leadership relate to church planting?

  • What kind of patience and tenacity do entrepreneurial leaders need to cultivate?

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