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Coaching Skills
(Specialty Course)

Course Description:

This is a Specialty Course for Christians who aspire to acquire specialized training or become a "mission coach" who helps clients live on mission with moral courage.  Coaching skills are people skills.  To coach at a missional level is to prod someone else to score by being true to Christ.  Coaching skills are valuable for catalyzing change, establishing results, and elevating others to live on a higher plane of lasting impact.  The course entails 40 hours of face to face class time along with directed field work.  

Guiding Questions:

  • What is coaching?  How does coaching differ from parenting?  And mentoring?  

  • How can a coach simultaneously offer strong support and constructive criticism? 

  • What are the common traps that coaches fall into?

  • What kind of boundaries should coaches set between themselves and their clients? 

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