Coaching Skills

Course Description:

No athlete has ever made it to the Olympics, much less won a gold medal, without a coach.  Good coaches draw out talent and shape it into human elegance.  The ethics of coaching are critical because the stakes are very high.  Coaches have power either to devastate or elevate a person.  A coach can stifle confidence and latent potency or bring it out in disciplined form.  This is a course for coaches and students who aspire to be coaches.  It’s a theological practicum that helps coaches develop skills that are Christ-honoring.

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What is coaching?  How does coaching differ from parenting?  And mentoring?  

  • How can a coach simultaneously offer strong support and constructive criticism? 

  • What are the common traps that coaches fall into?

  • What kind of boundaries should coaches set between themselves and their clients?