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Writing Articles

Course Description:

Many authors launch their writing careers by writing articles.  What are the components of an excellent article?  What makes certain articles especially engaging to readers?  How much verbal artistry is needed in a feature article?  How much content should writers convey?  In this course students will be challenged to think of compelling ways to put their knowledge into words.  Students will also be coached and supported in their attempts to produce a published piece. 

Key Questions To Be Explored:

  • What kinds of articles do I aspire to write?  Magazine articles?  News articles?  Scholarly articles? 

  • What readership am I writing to?  What level of vocabulary should I employ? 

  • What is a fitting title for my piece?  What is my lead sentence?  

  • What am I trying to say? 

  • How will reading my articles add value to my readers' quality of life?

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